Mar. 31st, 2007

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*sighs* I have to rant right now; anyone who is not in a mood to have their mood being ruined, refrain from reading this entry.

Through most of my life; I have always been chubby/overweight. Few years ago I decided to try to eat more better and healthy rather than continue my horrible diet consisting of junk food and Dr. Pepper. I drank from twelve to sixteen cans of Dr.Pepper on a daily basis; however, I finally went turkey cold and haven't drank Dr. Pepper for three years. It is almost the same thing with McDonalds. The last time I ate at McDonalds was about two years ago, but it was just for breakfast. I lost weight, I may still be chubby, but at least I lost weight.

You know what's sad? I am living with my father who constantly whines about how he is fat and at the same time eating greasy McDonalds' hamburgers. We went grocery shopping today at Kroger; Kroger had a sale for 10 items for 10 dollars. You know what Dad did do? He grabbed ten boxes of CANDIES. I was so mad. I may have lost weight, but it is hard for me to resist caffeine and candies at home. I have no problem with eating healthy around my friends at restaurants and etcetera, but at home? I practically have no willpower especially when my father, the one who calls me fat all the time, brings and drags horrible junk foods to home.

I ate three Babe Ruths today.....Agh, and the day is not even almost over! He was eating one candy and whining at the same time about how he is fat.


My father is a heart attack waiting to happen. Oh, NEVER MIND; Dad had a heart attack several years ago, and the doctor warned him that if he doesn't make an effort to become healthy, he may not survive the next heart attack.

So, it is rather obvious that he doesn't want to be healthy at all, but why is it his mission to make me unhealthy?


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