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Bleeh, I hate the taste of table salt in my mouth. The reason why I have to "put" water with salt into my mouth so it could "clean" my mouth.


Approximately 3 AM in the morning: I woke up and walked into the kitchen so I could get a drink, but I quickly realized I was not supposed to drink or eat anything eight hours before the surgery so I went back to bed.

5:30- I woke up again and stared at the ceiling for a while. I was thinking about how I'd react when they give me the needle shots in order to put me to sleep or whatever. I made a decision, which is to look away and let them do whatever they want to me.

6:15- I got up and showered.

6:40- I got out of the showered and put on my clothes.

6:50- I became fidgety.

7:00- I woke Dad up.

Approximately 7:20- We left.

7:28- I realized the traffic was bad, but not that bad. It might be a 7 out of 10.

7:53- We arrived.

8:00- Dad and I were waiting in the waiting room, and we were getting impatient...Especially me since I wanted it to be over with.

8:26?- The nurse called me in the room and hooked me up to a machine that keeps track of my heart beats and blood pressure. For some reason I always find the machine that keeps track of my heart beats hilarious. Although I had to get my sweatshirt off because my sweatshirt got in the way. Luckily I had another shirt under my sweatshirt so it was not a problem.

8:40- The nurse came back in and gave me laughing gas. She must have cranked it up since I went into a fit of giggles. Dad called me a crazy woman, but he quickly shut up when I snapped at him, "It is laugh gas they gave me."
He left the room. The doctor came in, and I was sooo nervous. He gave me a huge-ass needle, and I looked away because I hate needles and didn't want to humilate myself by crying. Fortunately, I didn't cry, but I did have to remind myself, "Get over with it. Just don't worry...You'll get over with it." It hurts so bad, but the numbing have taken over my body. Then he gave me another shot, and despite the fact that my body was so numb, the shot hurted like a bitch. One of the nurses put a weird thing in my mouth that made my mouth open. Then I finally passed out.

9:20ish- I woke up in a small room, and Dad was there. I asked Dad, "Is the surgery done?" He said yeah, but I was confused because my body was so numb to the point where I didn't feel the cotton patches in my mouth. I was also confused because I remember taking my sweatshirt off, but I woke up with my sweatshirt. I asked Dad if I did take my sweatshirt off or not. Approximately one of the nurses put the sweatshirt over me while I was asleep or passed out. I was also surprised that one of the nurses was able to put the sweatshirt over me because I know I am heavy. On the way to home I kept falling asleep in the car, but I was so uncomfortable. When I arrived home: I immediately went to bed, but I woke up, and my mouth hurted like a bitch. I realized the cotton patches in my mouth were bloody so I took them out. Oh my stars, it hurted! I got mad at my dad because he didn't give me the painkillers. He told me to go get it. I had to walk to the kitchen in order to get a painkiller. Then I panicked because I swore I felt the painkiller going into my holes, but I was also tired so I immediately went, "I don't care. I am going to bed. Hopefully the painkiller will not be in the hole anymore."

Anyway, my mouth is a little sore, but the pain is not as bad as most people said it would be.


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