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I was at Kroger flipping through random magazines as the cashier was scanning the stuff. There is a yearly article in Cosmopolitian, which is called, "Bedside Astrology." So I flipped to the Gemini section, and it said that I'll have a boyfriend in June. I was like, "Hmm, ok," and I glanced at July, the month after June, and it said that I'll have boy problems with said boyfriend, which doesn't surprise me. So the reason I'm mentioning this in this entry so I could wait till June and see if it is true what my horoscopes said. :P
It didn't say that I'll have a boyfriend, but it said that I'll meet someone who I really really like and date him so.

I'm making a Christmas card for my french class. (totally random, I know)

I cannot believe that it is almost 2006! What the hell happened to the 2004 year and 2005 year?! In my time zone I have 21 days left of 2005. My semester classes are almost done. In January I'll have new classes such as math, biology, and French 2. The only thing I absolutely dread about 2006 because Gina'll get out of prison, and she'll "live" with my grandma; unfortunately, that kind of plan never works because my family have tried this arrangement before, but it never worked because Gina always escape/run away within 2-7 days of living with Grandma, which means that she'll find a way to make my life more miserable.

I'm becoming obsessed with Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. Seriously, I always become so happy everytime I think of him. I know in most people's minds, it is a bad thing to become obsessed with a fictional character, but in my opinion, it is not a bad thing because I don't mind having "so-called" feelings for people who I'll never meet ever in my life. It is more easier for me because I know Jensen Ackles'll never hurt me since he doesn't know I exist at all. I prefer having feelings for someone who I know doesn't exist than having feelings for someone who I see daily; therefore said someone I see daily have a higher chance of hurting me.

I dread December 19th. It is because I'll get my wisdom teeth removed. Ugh, I'll spend most of my Christmas break in pain.
At least I'll go shopping at Victoria's Secret the Saturday before the 19th. Yes!

I know it is a boring entry, but oh well.


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