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I don't know why, but during the Snickerdoodle time (it means that I baked Snickerdoodles), I was thinking perhaps too deep.

Two of my ultimate pet peeves about people in general: movies and cooking.

Movies: I love, love, love old movies. I actually prefer most old movies over current movies, but one thing I truly hate how people in general treat my love for old movies. They always criticize me because I'm apparently "stupid," "pathetic," "weird," and "wimpy" for enjoying Old Hollywood films. I am perfectly fine with people's preference toward current movies, but why do people always have a problem with me liking old movies?

Cooking: yes, I admit it: I eat fast food too much, but I do make an effort to cook. I personally believe that one of the main reasons why so many people (including me) are fat nowadays is that we depend on fast food too much to the point where home-made foods yuck us out. Cooking, in a way, is therapy for me, I mediate when I cut carrots, I mediate when I put the casserole dish into the oven. I hate how many people always tell me that I should just run to the store and get those oven cookies and just pop those cookies on the cookie sheet and "cook" for twelve minutes at the maximum rather than make cookies from scratch.
Honestly, I am rarely proud of myself, so when I cook, I become proud because I work hard at cooking. I am tired of people complaining to me about how I love cooking so much. I even find the Food Network Channel amusing!
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